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OneSOURCE is the premier provider of cost-per-page printing, copying and imaging solutions.

  • We offer total office solutions designed around people, processes and technologies

  • We help our customers reduce costs, increase productivity and reduce the environmental footprint

  • We specialize in simplifying the complex, chaotic world of printing and copying

  • Success comes by simplifying workflow

  • Consultants conduct detailed analysis of a customer's business environment

  • Strategists recommend and execute reliable, but flexible solutions that consolidate the print, copy and fax functions

  • Strategists recommend the right devices in the right places for the right people

  • Analysis provides effective deployment based on multi-function technology and digital convergence

  • Services control costs, improve asset management and speed business communications

  • Professionals assess each user within each department to determine how information moves throughout a company

  • Managed solutions offer the best vehicle for present and future information management needs

  • Recommendations provide platforms for growth, future cost avoidance and the ability adapt to evolving technology

  • 80% of the documents created are generated digitally on the PC and printed back to paper

  • We create a print-based solution that reinforces common behaviors and is designed for generating, storing and sharing digital information across the net

  • We understand that stand-alone copiers or printers are rarely the solution for any office

  • Our model is totally customized for individual customers

  • We recommend output infrastructure through custom analysis, simple cost-per-page service that includes all hardware, supplies, service, network connectivity and custom analysis

  • Our services move printing, copying and faxing to a true usage model

  • We consolidate all output costs (acquisition, supplies, maintenance, etc.) into one identified, documented and controlled expense rather than several depreciated capital assets

  • We deliver strategic transformations that deliver real business results

  • Customers enjoy real appreciated value in the way they manage business information with specific benefits of increased productivity, controlled costs and document simplicity