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What You Need to Know About the Xerox® DocuShare® Content Management Platform

Posted Tue, October 9, 2018

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A 2018 AIIM study found that most businesses still rely heavily on paper-based office practices despite recent advances in technology and digital tools. From printing meeting notes to faxing invoices to other locations, it is easy to go overboard with paper documents. If your business is bogged down with paper filing, hard-copy contracts, and unsecure documents, the Xerox® DocuShare® content management platform could be your perfect solution.

Benefits of Going Paperless

There are many benefits of going paperless with a content management platform like Docushare®. Not only can immediate sharing of digital documents increase productivity, it can also cut back on cost and storage space. With fewer paper documents, you no longer need to spend time filing or expensing paper, envelopes, and other products. Storing documents digitally allows your team to access documents from any location without worrying about security since the documents can be encrypted and protected from copying and sharing.

DocuShare® 7.0

DocuShare® 7.0 is a robust content management platform created to help large businesses effectively manage content, creating an opportunity for increased efficiency and competitive advantages. This solution was built to provide businesses ease and flexibility through a variety of customizable tools on a cloud- and mobile-friendly interface.

Automated Workflows

Save time processing documents with user-friendly automated workflows. Content Rules, one of the many Docushare® 7.0 features, allows users to create and set automated actions to begin when a specified event occurs.

Productivity and Flexibility

There are a variety of functions available through DocuShare® to increase productivity. Drag and drop documents into their designated sections for speedy organization, and quickly find the information you need with the user-friendly search function. You can even install multiple languages so your team can access the software in their preferred language.

Team Collaboration Functionality

Using a shared digital space allows coworkers to easily and efficiently collaborate on projects. Gone are the days of sharing printed documents or passing physical notes. With DocuShare® 7.0, your team can read, edit, annotate, and sign documents online.

Secure, Cloud-Based Portal

DocuShare® is easily accessed on both desktop and mobile devices via the cloud, providing access to business content 24/7. All information is stored in one secure, central location. Paired with Xerox® multi-function printers (MFPs), DocuShare® 7.0 can streamline the flow of information from paper to digital versions.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Components

DocuShare® is customizable to meet your business needs. You can scale the platform with additional seats and adapt the functionalities to build new solutions as your company grows. There are six major components of the DocuShare® ECM.

  • Capture – Xerox® ConnectKey® allows for simple scanning into the cloud, workflows, or on-site. The optical character recognition feature enhances searchability, and mobile capture enables quick storage at any location.
  • Manage – Share files with check-in/out functionality and PDF rendering. Additionally, metadata can be assigned to classify documents and facilitate easy search.
  • Collaborate – Share project updates via wikis, RSS feeds, and discussion boards. Xerox® Digital Alternatives Software can be implemented to view documents on Office platforms via desktop and mobile devices for easy collaboration.
  • Process – Xerox® process automation software provides a variety of fully automated processes including automated workflows which boost productivity and free up time. Additionally, you can streamline contract processes with electronic forms and signatures.
  • Secure – Content can be protected with up to six levels of access controls. DocuShare® Lifecycle Manager compatibility automates data archiving and destruction.
  • Access – Use any browser, Office application, Xerox® MFP panel, or mobile app to access content 24/7. Business applications can also be linked with ERP, SharePoint, and Enterprise Applications.

DocuShare® is one of the many managed print solutions that we offer at OneSOURCE Managed Services. If you are interested in DocuShare® or one of our other solutions, please contact us and schedule a consultation.

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