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Using Xerox Printed Memory Technology to Print Product Labels the Smart Way

Posted Wed, September 27, 2017 by Array

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Xerox’s newest product, Printed Memory, is created to protect your brand by giving you the capability to install up to 68 billion data combinations into your organization's product labels. These can be read by computers and card readers, verifying identities and entity ownership. Watch the capability being used in Xerox’s video:

Using Printed Memory to Combat Counterfeiting

What’s the benefit of being able to print unique codes onto your labels? Mainly, they can keep counterfeiters at bay by ensuring that unique product or geometric codes are embedded within your labels. Additionally, Printed Memory can populate various QR codes and barcodes that can be used for event security. This product is also a unique way to ensure customer loyalty over time.

Printed Memory uses technology from ThinFilm, a global leader in printed electronics and smart technology, to print the thin codes onto a flexible paper surface. This conveniently allows the owner to easily refill the packaging for Printed Memory in a secure way.

Products such as healthcare equipment or pharmaceuticals, government matters, event badges, and even appliances for food and beverage purchases could benefit from Printed Memory.

Printed Memory labels are capable of authentication, numerical calculations, updating or rewriting data, tracking time, and holding information including codes, expiration dates, and serial numbers.

Long-Term Security

The re-writable labels have a 10-year retention, and do not require battery power or a power source. They can only be created by authorized personnel, and the memory is able to be viewed both on and offline. It’s also compatible with multiple devices such as smartphone applications.

The level of security for these printables is crucial, because Xerox and Thinfilm are creating printable electronics that can be thrown away (printed on paper, labels, etc). Xerox’s strong protection ensures that the encrypted information is secure long after the materials are disposed of. Essentially, the printable can be thrown away without the owner worrying that their information will be found and reused.

Xerox is a leader in the encrypted label and printing industry, and OneSource is a proud partner. To read more about Printed Memory, view the Xerox product page or speak to a OneSource expert about how Xerox can benefit your office today.

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