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Under the Hood Recap: Xerox Versant 180

Posted Sat, May 13, 2017

OneSource is a proud vendor of Xerox devices. We offer color copiers, black and white copiers, and many other Xerox multi-purpose devices. Xerox’s new Versant 180 Color Digital Press is an automated high-quality device that can print up to 80 pages per minute and can run 350 GSM, helping you achieve your perfect print.

Xerox takes customers “under the hood” of the Versant 180 in a recent YouTube video, mapping out the multitude of features available in the device, as well as its overall simplicity.

Xerox takes us “Under the Hood”

One of the first features to notice as Xerox explores the Versant 180 is its automatic Integrated Registration Alignment (IRA). The automatic IRA senses the paper as it goes through it, thoroughly measuring and weighing the paper to prepare it for printing, and then sends that information to the device to ensure the print is more accurate for the specific type of paper. 

The paper then goes through a light-sensitive laser, which transfers the images onto the paper. This laser is completely customer-replaceable, so a professional shouldn’t need to be contacted for any repairs or replacements.

The paper then gets transferred to the belt and is sent through a fuser assembly. The Versant 180’s fuser ensures higher image qualities and eliminates defects because the fuser is uniform and consistent. It heats up and cools down quickly, so it is simple to manage and the paper does not get damaged.

Before the paper officially prints, it goes through a decurler. The Versant 180 has a built-in decurler, which changes the way the printer interacts with the paper and calculates the heat and humidity and its effect on the paper. This type of device is typically purchased separately from the machine itself, but with the Versant 180, the decurler is built right in.

At OneSource, we can happily answer any questions about Xerox products, including the Versant 180. For more information on how to purchase Xerox products from us and have them professionally installed, contact us today.

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