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The Efficient Office

Posted Thu, January 15, 2015 by Array

For more than 30 years, OneSOURCE has been helping Oklahoma businesses work more effectively and efficiently. In that time, we’ve noticed that the same topics seem to come up time and again. We’ve spent the past three decades dedicated to understand what makes our customers’ businesses run more smoothly, and now we’re determined to share that information.

Since the 1970s, office worker productivity has skyrocketed, and is now some 5 times greater than it was then. That technology ranges from improvements in personal computing, to the advent of smartphones and tablets, to, yes, the printer and copier hardware deploy.

In The Efficient Office, we look at the way technology has transformed the office environment, and how employers and employees alike can leverage that transformation to excel in their field.

These topics include:

1.       Creating an efficiency-boosting work environment

2.       Utilizing productivity apps

3.       Managing time

4.       Dialing in

5.       Setting and measuring goals

6.       Establishing a ritual

The Efficient Office is a road map to establishing an effective way of working in your office space. You want to be as productive as possible, and maximize your output. This series of articles will help you optimize your space, tools, and habits to achieve that end.

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