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Step Inside the OneSOURCE Showroom

Posted Wed, April 4, 2018

3 Xerox multi-function printers in the OneSOURCE Showroom

As a leading provider of office technology and software solutions, it’s only fitting that OneSOURCE has a top-of-the-line showroom. The OneSOURCE mission is to market the highest quality document imaging solutions, superior service, and follow-up support to all accounts, while also providing professionally trained personnel to service our clients. Our professional sales team and showroom allow us to do just that.

What you can see

The OneSOURCE showroom features 14 devices by Xerox, Hewlett-Packard (HP), and Intec. From full-color press production machines to standard black-and-white copiers, our showroom has a device to fill every need. The featured devices are a small selection of the variety of machines offered at OneSOURCE.

If you and a OneSOURCE sales representative have discussed a device that is not currently featured on the showroom floor, our team can get one ready for you to try within a short time span.

Large Xerox production printer located in the OneSOURCE showroomIntec graphic printer located in the OneSOURCE showroom

What makes the OneSOURCE Showroom unique

Our sales team is committed to finding the best solutions to enhance customer workspaces, and our showroom is the ultimate place to tie the service and technology package together.

OneSOURCE provides the opportunity to pair your device with a variety of workflow solutions. Choose between document management, managed IT services, KwikTag, eCopy smart document scanning, Unity Desktop Professional, FlowCM, and os360.

Four Hewlett-Packard multi-function printers in the OneSOURCE showroom

After meeting with a sales representative and solutions specialist to discuss your company’s managed print needs, our team will schedule a time to demo your chosen product in our showroom. This demo allows you and your team to see how the product ties together with your office’s specific needs. In addition to a device demo, a webinar can be held to explain advanced solutions, allowing your team to fully understand your chosen package prior to leaving the building.

Before your visit, the OneSOURCE team will stock the showroom with your desired device, making sure the demo model has your selected service uploaded and functional. Many devices, such as Xerox, come equipped with touchscreen displays for a modern look and simple-to-use functions. If our team believes a certain app will enhance your device’s functionality, we will download it in advance.

Touchscreen on the Xerox Versalink B8075 MFP in the OneSOURCE showroom

At OneSOURCE, we believe it is important for you to get a feel for the device before making a purchase decision. This is why we ask for samples to print during the demo. This provides the unique opportunity to see how the device will work for your specific needs. Before leaving our showroom, we want you to feel confident using your new device. From printing and copying to experiencing your chosen solution, you should understand the ins and outs of your package.

“We really want the person who is using the device to see how simple or easy it is to use,” says Ron Carr, President of OneSOURCE. “To some degree, our showroom experience has become almost a lost art in business. We tie it all together by meeting with the person, helping them understand the process, and bring them in to show how the machine can function specifically for them.”

Variety of awards presented to OneSOURCE displayed in the showroom

To visit our showroom and discover the optimal managed print service for your business, contact our office. Our team is happy to help you optimize your workflow through our workplace solutions.

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