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Square 9 Softworks for Office Efficiency – Case Study

Posted Fri, July 13, 2018

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The current business environment in our nation relies heavily on digital and paper documents. Building and maintaining a company-wide document management solution is crucial for success. From expense reports to internal and external communication, it is important to house all documents in a secure and easy-to-use space.

Unfortunately, many businesses face challenges when it comes to proper document management. This was the case for Directors Life Assurance Company — until OneSOURCE stepped in to help.

About Directors Life Assurance

In 1987, independent funeral directors developed Directors Life Assurance to fulfill the need for specialized and affordable final expense life insurance to cover the pre-arranged costs of funeral and cremation services.

Directors Life Assurance works with families to pre-plan for funeral funding by pre-selecting services, products, or flowers and/or pre-fund funeral arrangements by setting aside funds for final expenses. To do this, relationships must be built and maintained with funeral home firms, insurance agents, funeral directors and staff, and families, while monitoring federal and state regulations for insurance and funeral service laws.


Directors Life Assurance’s document management solution did not facilitate the large amount of documents that were regularly processed by the company. The solution’s software licenses set a limit on the number of employees who could work in the system at one time—thus setting limits on individuals’ productivity. In addition, scanning and file conversion was a manual process with a limited search functionality, causing wasted time searching for files.

The OneSOURCE Solution

After discussing the challenges at hand, the OneSOURCE team evaluated the opportunities offered by each of our document management services ultimately selecting Square 9 Softworks Enterprise Content Management Software as the optimal solution.

Offering scalable functionality that could grow with Directors Life Assurance’s evolving needs, Square 9 comes standard with many features to maximize company efficiency and organization while saving time.


The transition to Square 9 was smooth overall as the software’s basic functionality was easy for Directors Life employees to pick up, and the more advanced functionality was quickly understood. The software introduced advanced search functionality, which immediately improved employee productivity. Multiple users are now able to enter keywords or data strings to pull up documents within seconds.

In addition, documents are now organized in one area providing quick access and eliminating the need to manually pull papers. This allows Directors Life Assurance to remain compliant with their business practices and be better prepared in the event of an audit.

The quicker solutions have saved employees a significant amount of time with the streamlined process for adding documents in the document management software. Now that less time is spent storing and backing up documents, employees are more efficient and can focus on the more important tasks at hand.

“As of our installation in October 2017, Square 9 has saved our company hundreds of hours from uploading images, key-free indexing, and inserting single pages into full documents,” said Linda Sargent, president of Directors Life Assurance. “It’s provided organization with convenience and disaster recovery.”

Is your business spending too much time filing and searching for documents? Our highly trained staff would be happy to discuss your document management options. Contact us to schedule a visit to any of our four Oklahoma locations for more information.

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