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Managed Print Services: 3 benefits for small businesses

Posted Mon, September 29, 2014 by Array

Xerox Printer, Image Courtesy Xerox Corp.You know your business better than anyone – your customers, your products and services, and your business goals. For a small business, outsourcing document management can help your company save time, lower expenditures, and smooth your workflow. Streamlining production means you’ll have less to worry about, and more time to spend growing your business.

Here are three ways OneSOURCE’s Managed Print Services benefit small businesses:

  1. Flexibility

Just like no two of your customers are the same, we know that no two of the businesses we serve are the same. We believe that everyone we serve deserves a custom plan designed just for their needs. Our os360 assessment highlights every point in your workflow that can be improved, while leaving the elements that work best for you in place. We’re proud to combine attentive, local service with the award-winning resources of companies like Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, and Kyocera. As a small business owner, improved efficiency can be a remarkable advantage, and with OneSOURCE, you can rest easy knowing that your fully-customized plan is flexible and ready to grow with your business.

  1. Cost effectiveness

With our thorough os360 assessment, you won’t find yourself buying services you don’t need. We can deliver the level of service you need because we can pinpoint exactly what your usage is, identify where your waste occurs, and estimate what your maintenance needs will be. We also offer detailed reporting to help you control your printing costs.

With OneSOURCE, you have no upfront printing costs – we supply the hardware, software and services – and our new, energy-efficient and multi-purpose devices are both environmentally and financially sustainable.

  1. Time savings

How often have you found yourself in front of an old, inefficient printer waiting on your document to arrive? As a small business owner, you can’t afford to spend your time maintaining out-of-date equipment. Our proactive approach to maintenance and support includes quarterly account reviews, 24-hour monitoring and detailed reporting. We manage your system so you don’t have to.

Saving time translates to improved productivity. Removing responsibilities outside of your primary tasks means you have more time and energy to focus on your core business.

If you are looking to save time, money,and headaches, OneSOURCE Managed Print Services can deliver the best in print . Contact us today.

Image courtesy Xerox Corp.

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