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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Print Management Company

Posted Thu, March 1, 2018

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How many hours does your office waste dealing with printer and copier maintenance? An effective print management system can cut costs, lower your environmental footprint, and increase productivity. Choosing a company that provides managed print solutions that align with your business needs can be a hassle. Here are a few important questions to ask when speaking with a print management sales representative.

1. What services are done in-house, and which do you outsource?

Many print management companies outsource a variety of their services. It’s important to know how many hands your system and data will go through—not only for efficiency, but also for security. If the company does outsource services, make sure you understand who its business partners are, and ask to speak with one of their representatives as well.  

2. Does your company provide cybersecurity solutions?

Business and client data are private—and should stay that way. Luckily, there are many ways a managed print system can enhance your cybersecurity. Just make sure your security requirements align with its capabilities.

How will the print management company protect your information? Do their devices have security features, such as file encryption? Do they provide Cloud access for safe data storage? These are appropriate questions to ask when vetting a managed print solution. Data protection requires vigilant monitoring and premiere security. Make sure the company can offer your business the security you require.

3. What does the integration process look like?

What happens after you sign on the dotted line? Make sure you understand what is needed from you, as well as what the timeline is for the system launch. What access is required to integrate the systems? How will your passwords and data be kept safe during the transition?

It’s also important to understand the launch process. You will want to make plans if your printers will be offline for any amount of time.

Verify that the new solutions will safely integrate with your current infrastructure. If not, how will they change the hardware, and what will that cost you? Do they provide training for your staff to teach them how to use the new equipment? Make sure everyone is comfortable with the transition before beginning the process.

4. How do you report on progress and operations?

Before starting any business venture, both parties should understand the expected return on investment (ROI). How will this managed print system prove to be profitable for your company? The best way to track these results is through accurate reporting. Request to be provided with monthly or quarterly reports on your ROI and operations status.

5. What maintenance services are included?

Make sure you understand the maintenance services and processes before beginning a contract. If you are required to call in a maintenance request, understand the expected response time. You don’t want to be without a printer for days. Ask how many technicians are regularly in your area. Will a technician be commuting from an hour away or down the block?

Ask if the print management company has a remote system. Do they closely monitor your system to anticipate low cartridge levels and schedule an appointment to swap them out before you ask? Maybe they have the capability to reset your system from a remote office, eliminating the travel time.

6. Who will I speak to about maintenance and upkeep?

Typically, your point of contact prior to signing a contract with a print management company will be a sales representative for that business. While they are the most knowledgeable about the sales and onboarding processes, they are typically not the point of contact for future maintenance and upkeep. In most scenarios, your office manager will speak to an account representative for all concerns after service begins.

Ask to speak to the account manager who would handle your account. It is important to make sure that the two of you communicate well and that he or she will respond to your needs in a timely and polite manner.

7. As business goals change, will you align with our new needs?

As your company grows, your managed print system needs to grow with you. Make sure the print management company will scale their services to match your needs. Ask if you can add or subtract service lines based on your company’s needs. It’s important to understand the opportunities for growth within your contract.

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