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Our Process

Managing business sourcing is time-consuming and challenging. The process of research, obtaining approval from business leaders, and evaluating multiple vendors can take months or even years, costing a business countless man hours and dollars.

At OneSOURCE, we ensure compliance and performance by streamlining the process with three easy steps:

1. We’ll meet with you to set specific targets and expectations.

2. We'll perform a complete analysis of your existing inventory, using our proven methods to confirm that we can deliver your desired results within the specified timeframe.

3. After the initial assessment, we’ll provide an estimate of the savings and perhaps hidden value we can realize for you. Once we’ve agreed on the target amount, we’ll implement and manage the strategy.

Our Client Account Managers (CAM) communicate with you frequently throughout the process, providing updates on our findings and ensuring that your preferences are being met by our product and service options. With no upfront fees and potential immediate savings, what do you have to lose? We take care of all of the time-consuming (yet essential) functions, such as consolidated billing, cost recovery, and savings reports. We don’t earn commissions from any suppliers—our loyalty lies exclusively with our clients. It’s in a vendors’ best interests to get you to spend more with them. OneSOURCE will provide unbiased cost savings strategies that maximize the value of your investment.