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os360 Print Management Program

Meet the competitive needs of a modern business with a modern solution. os360, an all-inclusive print management program, reduces printing costs while simplifying printer management. We will walk you through every step of your printing and document management services to develop a customized long-term plan for maximum efficiency. With os360, you never have to create a purchase order, post an accounts payable invoice, or write a check for printer service, printer supplies or even new printers. We take care of it all with one simple monthly invoice. Never again will your valuable time be spent taking care of mundane printer issues.

os360 is device-monitoring software that captures clicks per machine, so our customers aren't bound by manually collecting meter readings. os360 enhances the software portfolio offered to our managed print customers by capturing, monitoring, and managing devices. The automated service sends device information directly to our os360 division.

Through a process of setting goals, assessing those goals, and course correction when needed, our os360 plan works in 5 simple steps:


Before we offer any software solutions or managed print services, we identify your objectives. Whether you are trying to optimize your copiers or update your document storage system, we can find the perfect solution.


After we have a goal, we take inventory of your existing resources and processes from top to bottom. We look at various types of metrics to get a precise understanding of how your business functions to establish a baseline for future comparison.


After we have an accurate measurement, we look at opportunities to improve your workflow and reduce cost. From underutilized resources to hidden costs in your document management structure, we’ll help turn those overlooked spots around into profitable strengths in your company.


Our recommendation process works to consolidate your existing resources and create seamless integration throughout your workflow. By using the latest technology and smart managed print services, we can take over the supply level assessment for copy supplies, as well as re-engineer your work-flow process wherever your company would like to improve.


Success is not a quick fix. Once your business is improving its efficiency and cutting down on cost, we take over the responsibility for your managed print and IT services according to your individual need. You end up with less hassle and more productivity. The best part? We continue implementing our os360 process to redefine and measure new ways to improve the way your business operates.

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