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Intelligent Managed Print Services in Oklahoma.

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Print cost accumulates in many unseen ways: unnecessary devices, wasted resources and inefficient hardware. Staff spend hours trying to solve simple printer issues and office managers tangle with suppliers and contractors or deal with maintenance techs in exotic countries.

There is an easier, more cost-effective way.

Managed Print is the practice of outsourcing copy and printing technology responsibilities as a strategic method for improving operations. OneSOURCE provides the printers, copy machines and other devices and even orders toners for you. We analyze your usage history and design a custom print management service solution for your Oklahoma business.

os360 full-service print management system can save you up to 35% on your business printing and provides local support for our managed print services in the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Enid and Muskogee areas.

Streamline your printing.

The results of os360 assessment are tangible. OneSOURCE provides integrated reporting that delivers complete alignment of all technology and business processes.

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Optimize the size of your office print management infrastructure
  • Improve environmental sustainability
  • Lower your energy usage, paper consumption, and solid waste
  • Enhance document security and enable regulatory compliance
  • Full HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • No upfront investment – we are supplying hardware, software and services
  • Utilize increased uptime and availability through 24-7 monitoring
  • Proactive support, and quarterly one-on-one account reviews
  • Streamlined billing processes – ONE Invoice, ONE Contact

os360 digs deeply into your office technology infrastructure including printers, copiers, scanners, software to analyze your printing needs. By providing a comprehensive bundle of services to streamline your document and print management, you save money and minimize your environmental impact. Thorough reporting will give you full control to streamline and control your printing cost.

OneSOURCE provides managed printing service support in our Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Enid and Muskogee offices. Our response times are extremely short and a technician is usually at your office within hours of your call. However, due to state-of-the-art technology, our manufacturer-trained experts can often fix problems remotely with a click of the mouse.

Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control os360

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