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How to Choose the Right Print Management Solution for Your Business

Posted Fri, August 24, 2018

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When setting up your office management system, choosing a printer-copier is often the easiest part. The difficulty comes into play when choosing the print management system to streamline your workflow. Not only do you need to find a way to cut costs, manage print jobs, digitize papers, and organize documents, you also need to manage ink levels, fix paper jams, set-up the cloud, and customize software to fit your needs. Running an efficient office is a lot of work!

Luckily, setting-up and monitoring print management solutions is our specialty at OneSOURCE Managed Services. We are here to help you discover the best print management solution for your business. We’ve broken down our top solutions to simplify your decision-making process.

All you have to do is ask yourself one simple question: what is the biggest issue impacting your business today?

Issue 1: Cost

Do you need a way to control and limit your printing expenses? We have multiple solutions. From setting password-protected print limits to document and device security, cost-control managed print solutions can get your business back on track.


PaperCut is one of our more robust cost-control solutions. A solid choice for a business of any size, this solution covers your bases for print management. Print policies, user reporting, device compatibility, cost control, print security, environmental awareness, and scanner integrations are among the functionalities available within PaperCut.


CapturePoint partners with Xerox® ConnectKey devices to control printing costs and streamline digital organization. This is a good choice for smaller businesses looking for simple, user-friendly processes. Its main use is to convert scanned documents into editable digital documents.

Nuance Suite

Nuance Suite is a more robust option for managing your document imaging and digital landscape. Print management, document capture, mobile imaging, PDF conversion, and expense management are among the solutions available within Nuance Suite.

Issue 2: Lack of digital storage and organization

If you’re looking to reduce printing costs while gaining standardized digital document storage and productivity processes, a document management solution is the way to go. Each of the following partners with other solutions including scanners and additional software platforms.


DocuShare® is a Xerox® content management solution that partners with Xerox® multifunction printers and ConnectKey devices for streamlined paper-to-digital transformations. From automating business processes to cloud-based storage, this solution can increase your employees’ productivity and organization from anywhere.

Square 9 Softworks

Square 9 Softworks uses a system called GlobalCapture to scan documents, emails, PDFs, and more to extract business data. This knowledge allows it to create a single path for all business information to travel through. Easily synced to multifunction printers, Square 9 is customizable to your business’s needs. See how it benefited one of our customers, Director’s Life Assurance.


If cloud-based storage is a priority for your business, DigiTech could be the choice for you. This solution provides simple document capture, management, storage, and security across documents, images, emails, and print streams.

Nuance Suite

Nuance Suite is a versatile print management solution. As outlined above, cost control isn’t the only benefit. Its cross-platform compatibility allows for organization across printing and scanning devices while maintaining security for your digital workspace.

Issue 3: Too Many Physical Papers

Are your employees spending too much time filing physical documents? Scanners are great solutions for cluttered office spaces. Digitize your paper documents quickly and efficiently with these scanner options.


Panasonic scanners are built to handle a breadth of scanning functionalities. From scanning business cards to large documents, Panasonic has a device for you. We regularly pair this option with DocuShare, Square 9, or DigiTech document management solutions for simple digital organization. These scanners are quick, easy to use, and come with a three-year warranty.


Documate™ uses Xerox® business scanners and imaging software to streamline your digital landscape. This option has the functionality to handle up to 112 scans per minute for desktop and there are also scanning options for mobile and remote business. Xerox® solutions are cloud-based and known for their simple usability. This option can also be paired with DocuShare, Square 9, and DigiTech document management solutions.

Issue 4: Production Print Operations

If your business creates printed products, such as fliers, mailers, or banners, you should be looking for the optimal production solution. Our solutions are cost-effective and quick to streamline your process from pre-production to post-production printing.

XM Pie

XM Pie combines a customer communications management system with multichannel databases to create a seamless communication and data trail through all members of a campaign. Its reporting functionalities allow your business to learn and reshape the model to cut costs and create an efficient printing environment. This solution is popular among businesses who utilize variable printing for specialized marketing and mass mail-outs.


FreeFlow is another Xerox® solution for increased productivity and lowered costs. With optimal color features through Fiery®, your team will have access to advanced spot and specialty colors that can be quickly and accurately printed.

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Our team uses a data-driven approach to analyze your document and print management infrastructure and build a plan for an optimized digital environment. If you’re ready to take the next step toward a cost-effective, organized, and efficient digital landscape, contact our office for a consultation or to schedule a tour of our showroom.

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