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How Much Time Can You Save with a Managed Print Service?

Posted Thu, December 6, 2018

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Businesses, especially IT departments, waste valuable time dealing with office technology problems. From paper jams to overfilled filing cabinets, your staff could be wasting valuable time and resources – cutting into your revenue. In fact, the average office worker spends approximately $725 on business printing annually. Print management services, like those provided at OneSOURCE, can give your team their time back and save you up to 35 percent on printing costs.


Not only can mismanaging office equipment cost businesses money, it can negatively impact time. A common problem among businesses is a lack of understanding of their printer fleet. How many printers, copiers, and scanners are in your office? How much time per month is your staff fixing paper jams and reloading toner? What is your user-to-printer ratio?

Printer malfunctions can seriously hinder office productivity. Running out of ink before a major presentation or discovering a security breach through a printer can have costly impacts on a business. According to Stone’s Office Equipment, many large departments spend up to a quarter of their time in the office on device management. Additionally, a study by Insight showed that 23 percent of all help desk calls have to do with printers. In 2017, studies showed the average worker spends up to 22 minutes per day on technology issues, which can add up to approximately 95 hours annually.


The impacts of faulty print management are most obvious when looking at a company’s file organization. A variety of studies have shown that disorganization can strongly hinder workplace productivity and result in the inability to efficiently serve customers. These statistics of wasted employee time due to unorganized document management may surprise you.

  • In 2004, KM World found that 30-40 percent of the average employee’s time was spent searching for documents.
  • Over 50 percent of printed pages are never used – and sometimes not even read.
  • Up to seven percent of documents are lost, and approximately three percent are misfiled, according to Ingram Micro Advisor.
  • The average employee wastes approximately four hours per week looking for papers.
  • Managed print services can reduce waste output by up to 15 percent.

Managed print services can give your team its time back by keeping a close watch on your fleet of printers, maintaining their upkeep, and quickly solving problems. Our os360 Print Management Program reduces costs while simplifying printer management. We create a customized plan for maximum long-term efficiency – taking the hassle out of your hands and giving you back time and enhanced productivity.

Pairing our managed print services with a quality multifunction printer (MFP) can further your office productivity. MFPs combine a printer, copier, scanner, and fax into one machine. This consolidated functionality allows your team to easily file and send documents, while keeping your network safe from hackers.

Outsourcing your print management to OneSOURCE will give your company peace of mind knowing your equipment will receive regular maintenance and your staff will gain back valuable time to spend on more critical, revenue-generating tasks. If you’re ready to take the leap into OneSOURCE managed print, give our office a call or stop by our showroom.

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