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Establishing a ritual for efficiency

Posted Sat, June 27, 2015 by Array

Throughout this series, we’ve looked at small ways businesses and employees can make their organizations more efficient. Using all of these tips and tricks, you can create a more productive environment for your team. The key to sustaining it is to make those methods, processes, and procedures automatic. Creating a ritual – habitually undertaking the same tasks the same way – can free your problem solving skills for more challenging and demanding parts of your job.

How do you establish a ritual that will maximize your efficiency?


As we’ve said before, prioritizing your tasks and activities is critical to being efficient. Knowing what’s most important means you can automate the less-important tasks and focus your attention on the critical issues.

Write out your list of priorities. Creating a hand-written list helps imprint those priorities in your mind, keeping them firmly fixed as you move through your day.

Post the list somewhere you can see it, and take time every day to read it.

Commit to a fixed timeframe

Anyone can stick to a schedule for a month. For thirty days, dedicate yourself to following an established pattern of behavior that conforms to your written priorities. You’ll find you’ve conditioned yourself to expect those behaviors, freeing your mind from consciously thinking about them.

Review your progress

It’s likely your ritual won’t be perfect right out of the gate. You’ll need to assess how well it’s working for you, and make adjustments accordingly. Continually refining your ritual will make it more and more valuable to you.

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