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eCopy Smart Document Scanning

Keep track of all your documents with our smart scanning solutions. Our os360 software system tracks, organizes, and stores all of your information immediately after you’ve scanned it in. eCopy isn’t just scanning, it’s smart scanning. This means you aren’t only storing images of documents but converting your paper records into searchable indexed information. Upgrade to the future with our revolutionary os360 managed services.

With the addition of eCopy to the high-speed scanning capability of an office copier or scanner, any organization can transform paper documents into information that is easily integrated into all business applications.

eCopy provides simple, easy-to-use solutions for extending the use of the office copier, while enabling customers to leverage their investment in their corporate network infrastructure.

eCopy ShareScan OP connects the copier to an organization’s e-mail, desktop, and other networked enterprise applications for low-cost, easy, instantaneous distribution and management of paper-based information. The superior Administration Tools are preferred by Information Technology (IT) managers and Management Information Systems (MIS) professionals in companies of all sizes.

Bundled with eCopy, ShareScan OP eCopy Desktop is an easy-to-use PDF creation and image editing solution offering a comprehensive set of tools including annotation, stamps, and optical character recognition (OCR), to allow business users to work with and distribute scanned documents as part of their existing electronic workflows.

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