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Dialing in your focus

Posted Mon, May 18, 2015 by Array

Our lives are surrounded by technological marvels. We’ve even highlighted some of them in our post about productivity apps. But the devices which bring us performance-boosting apps can also drain us of focus, and take us away from the important tasks at hand.

It can be difficult to max out productivity with all of the distractions we encounter. Social media, television, email, phone calls and the other trappings of our modern age can definitely take away from our ability to dial in on the task at hand. We’ve compiled some handy tips for finding extreme focus in the midst of busyness.

Turn off the alerts

The causes for your distraction are many, but some routinely cited sources are the frequent interruptions from email and text alerts. The simplest way to combat that? Turn them off.

Some efficiency experts recommend only checking email at appointed hours – and to avoid starting your day with it. Email’s immediacy can make urgent but unimportant tasks seem more pressing than they really are.  If your boss will permit it, put off checking emails until you’re ready to focus on that task.

Identify your triggers

Knowing what causes you to lose focus is half the battle. Identifying those issues can help you remedy them when they occur, and even head them off before they happen. Being proactive also engenders a sense of control over the situation, which can eliminate frustration. Studies have indicated that strong emotions, including frustration, can themselves be distracting.

Allocate time for surprises

If you’ve read our post in this series on managing your time, you know that champion organizing and prioritizing your tasks for maximum efficiency. This practice can also help you mitigate distraction, by creating time and space for unexpected tasks. This flexibility can alleviate the pressure of having unaddressed tasks waiting for you.

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