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Customer Advisory

Beware of Toner Pirates

At OneSOURCE, our print management systems usually come with a maintenance agreement, and this often includes your toner usage. Most of our customers are aware of this fact and they call us when they need their toner stock replenished.
Unfortunately, there are telemarketing operations that exist to sell you supplies that you do not need at double the price you normally pay to us.
Their employees appear to be helpful, polite and cordial. Their calls bear the good news of an upcoming sale or protection from an anticipated price increase. This is where the con begins and your good news ends. Customers who have fallen prey to these organizations tell us that the bill not only is greatly over what they normally pay, but is not what they were quoted originally. Sometimes there are hidden terms such as a year contract at exorbitant prices. Worst of all, these people are not your normal vendor, nor are they located locally. This makes it very difficult to get any justice for their fraudulent representations.
As a service to our customers, we will contact you periodically to inquire about your satisfaction and to acquaint you with other hardware and supply offerings available. To ease your mind, please check your caller ID, or if you would like to check the caller's identity without caller ID features just simply hang up and dial 405-942-6674 to call us back and verify our identity. That way, you can always be sure you're dealing with an authorized OneSOURCE employee.