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Printer & Copier Service: Typical problems and how to solve them

Posted Fri, October 3, 2014 by Array

It’s easy to go about your day and not give your printer a second thought. Easy, that is, until you’re rushing to deliver a contract to a client and your printer just won’t work. Unfortunately, like most machines, printers can have issues that appear with no warning.

Here are some common problems you might face with an office printer or copier, and what you can do to solve them:

Paper Jams           

The most common printer issue is a paper jam: when the paper you’re printing on gets caught in the internal workings of the machine. Fortunately, they’re also a simple issue to fix. Many machines will have a display indicating which part of the machine has the jam, and which door to open to clear out the paper. When you have accessed the area where the jam occurred, simply pull out any paper you see, and be careful to catch any torn scraps which could cause the next piece of paper to jam. Shut the door of the machine fully, and you should be ready to resume operation.

Printer Won’t Print

This problem can be more complicated to solve, but there are some easy steps you can take before calling a professional.  First, make sure everything that has a cord is firmly plugged in: your printer to power, and your computer to either the printer or the network, depending on your configuration. Then, take a moment to check the front of the printer for error lights or messages. At your desk, make sure the proper printer is selected your print dialogue box.  Finally, check with your printer manufacturer to see if they have a troubleshooting app for your printer. If all of these fail, call your service provider for a visit.

Printing Too Light

What do you do if your printer suddenly begins printing too lightly? There are two potential problem areas to check. The first thing to check is your print settings. Verify that you’re not in an “ink-saving” or “economy” mode. After you’ve verified the proper settings, check to see if your printer is alerting you to a low ink or low toner situation. This may be on the machine’s information screen, or in the print management software on your PC.

If these steps fail, OneSOURCE offers copier and printer service in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Enid and Muskogee. Call us today to schedule a visit with a one of our technicians.

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