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The Power of KwikTag

Posted Wed, March 8, 2017 by Array

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Keeping track of all of your documents can be quite the challenge in a large office setting, but having OneSource set your business up with KwikTag can solve all of your document management needs. KwikTag is a file retrieval and tagging system that can be used to route all of your documents to their proper locations without hassle.

The Three P’s of KwikTag

KwikTag provides endless benefits to businesses, including access for everyone in your business, workflow automation, case management, and increased productivity. The KwikTag platform is extremely easy to maneuver.

This platform solves the most pervasive problem in a business — the out-of-control flood of e-mail, paper, and electronic documents. Its benefits are shown by the “Three P’s of KwikTag:” Powerful, Practical, and Proven.


KwikTag provides automated routing and approval within Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV and AX – and via SharePoint, email or KwikTag’s web interface for non-Dynamics users. KwikTag’s extendable architecture easily document-enables any business process or application for greater efficiency and cost savings.


KwikTag is efficient, simple to use, and affordable. They also come with KwikApps that assist with programs including purchasing, order-to-cash, human resources, and more.

With KwikTag, all of your documents are stored in one place and can be routed for approval automatically, allowing all departments to stay on the same page. This platform is web-based, so it can be accessed anywhere with internet connection.


KwikTag ensures a fast ROI and a low cost of ownership because of the years of experience in creating solutions by its developers.

KwikTag is the one system which has the scalability, security, capability, and simplicity to address areas or business processes that are burdened by inefficiency -- it doesn’t matter the department. See how Kwiktag can benefit executive departments, finance departments, HR departments, and IT departments.

To learn more about KwikTag or to have it set up in your business, contact us today. 

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