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Extending The Use of Your Office Printer with eCopy

Posted Mon, April 10, 2017 by Array

Multi-function printers (MFPs), while convenient, are sometimes not efficient. The process typically goes like this: you find your office MFP, prepare your document for scanning, wait for the scanning process to complete, then slowly type out the e-mail address on the device and hope that it scanned correctly before you press “send.”

With this process, you can’t know for sure if your document was scanned correctly or sent securely on that first try. This is not an issue any office wants to roll the dice with when scanning and sending important documents. Fortunately, OneSource has partnered with eCopy to ensure that all document scanning and copying is done correctly and securely the first time, every time.

What is eCopy?

Scanning done correctly

To ensure that your documents are being scanned correctly, and that even the faintest of signatures are still legible after scanning, eCopy offers an auto-preview feature. This optional feature allows you to see the document as it was scanned and to edit any errors you may see on the device before it is delivered. eCopy also allows the MFP to save and validate the scanned document on the MFP and on the computer that it is being sent to, to ensure that after the original document is shredded, no data is unintentionally lost.

Easy, secure access

eCopy provides personalized, secure access to its system via keycard. Similar to an employee keycard that grants them access to their workplace, the eCopy program can track who is using its system.

Because the eCopy system already knows who each user is, when they scan in with their keycard it can also provide them a secure company directory, as well as access to all of their folders and e-mail addresses.

Collaboration made simple

The program can also collaborate with many popular systems, including:

●     Microsoft Office

●     Google Drive

●     Dropbox

●     SalesForce

●     Xerox DocuShare

●     HP Trim

The benefit of using a system that can collaborate with other tools is that the documents can be delivered to work and downloaded easily, making them sharable across platforms.

OneSource is proud to partner with eCopy. For more information on eCopy and other managed print services, contact us today. 

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