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Xerox Emulsion Aggregation Toner

Posted Sun, November 20, 2016

The rise of new technologies in MPS isn’t limited to the digital sphere. Xerox has made strides recently in creating the next generation of toner – Emulsion Aggregation Toner. With 60 years of experience in developing print solutions, it’s no surprise that Xerox was poised to develop this innovative printing product.

What is toner?

In short, it’s a pigmented plastic that’s ground from blocks into a fine powder. That powder, using an electrical charge, is deposited onto paper.

In this conventional method of producing toner, the individual particles tended to be irregular in shape and size, about 15 micrometers across. This prohibited engineers from making printers with very high resolutions and accuracy.

Improvements in the technique, including air jet milling, have reduced the particle size by half, making it easier to develop machines with better resolution. Emulsion Aggregation Toner is the next evolution of that particle size.

Emulsion Aggregation

Instead of chipping away tiny particles from a larger block of toner, Emulsion Aggregation (EA) works in almost exactly the opposite way. EA toners are made through a chemical process which “grows” particles of toner molecules.

One of the barriers to improving the old style of production was that very few additives or bases would be able to withstand the melt-mix portion of the process, and plastic bases with lower melting temperatures couldn’t be ground properly.

EA toners avoid all of these pitfalls, and can be made more flexibly, with a wider range of features and benefits for the end user.

Benefits of EA Toner

The primary benefits of EA toner are two-fold: less toner waste, and sharper, crisper printing.

EA toners can be applied in thinner layers than their conventional counterparts, and because they don’t require oil in the fusing process, less toner accumulates in the fuser. This translates to a very real reduction in toner expenses over time.

The smaller size and regular shape of the toner particles makes it possible to reproduce very fine lines and sharper images.

A secondary benefit of an EA toner is that because of its lower fusing temperature, your machine is always ready, since you won’t have to wait for the machine to warm up. This lower fusing temperature also makes it easier to design simpler fusing components, reducing the likelihood of breakage and repair.

From beginning to end, EA toners are revolutionizing the possibilities in print. Contact us today to see if EA toners are right for you. 

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