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Additional Services

The best way to illustrate the benefits of our services is to explain the specific options we offer.

Supplies Management

  • Utilizing a mix of different vendors complicates operations and billing
  • OneSOURCE deals directly with vendors
  • Providing this service saves our customers valuable time, money, productivity and efficiencies.

Cost Management

  • We provide quarterly adjustments to help our customers manage their entire office fleet.
  • Budgeting is streamlined. OneSOURCE customers never pay for a single page they don't print.
  • It's simple and transparent
  • No surprises. no hidden costs

Fleet Management

  • Most companies have accumulated a wide variety brands and models of copiers, printers and fax
  • This is a natural result of meeting business needs over several years but creates procurement and accounts payable nightmares
  • OneSOURCE manages your document output fleet by reducing to a minimum number brands and models
  • Managed services reduce inventory of miscellaneous stock
  • Fleet management increases user friendliness and familiarity of devices

Hardware Management

  • Never again research hardware models for purchase or spend time on lengthy bid processes.
  • One phone call allows you to quickly and easily add equipment to your fleet to meet growth or repositioning of assets.

Comprehensive Maintenace

  • Most companies have service agreements on specific hardware or software
  • Most companies depend on in-house IT departments to maintain and repair printers, scanners and associated software.
  • This can be an expensive use of resources that have much higher priorities in your core business services.
  • OneSOURCE supplies parts and service at your site for any hardware or contracted software products.

Document Retrieval

Scanning solutions include:

  • Middleware
  • Document management
  • Bates stamping
  • Document conversion
  • Storage and editing

National Support Through National Printer Repair Network

  • OneSOURCE is a member of this independent servicing organization
  • We have a vested interest in sharing our resources and expertise when managing and repairing printers in all of our statewide locations.
  • We apply the same urgency and consistency of service to customers nationwide in partnering with local MPS vendors.
  • We work on your behalf to source, implement, and manage a variety of solutions, from detailed analysis to cost recovery
  • Our success is measured by your savings.