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Remanufactured vs. OEM toner cartridges

Posted Mon, August 17, 2015 by Array

There’s a great deal of conflicting advice on the internet about whether you should choose OEM toner and ink cartridges over remanufactured versions. You’ll find devotees of the school of thought that says you should always buy OEM, and that remanufactured versions are doomed to fail. You’ll find an opposing group who says the only people who want you to buy OEM are the manufacturers themselves.

Predictably, the truth is more nuanced than either of these positions. As a Xerox company, we’re proud of the efforts manufacturers have made in recent years to produce greener, more energy-efficient methods of building cartridges, and that includes remanufacturing cartridges so that what you return to us doesn’t end up in a landfill somewhere.

Every year, some 60% of the toner cartridges that get turned in to Xerox are remanufactured; both Xerox and HP make extensive use of ‘closed loop’ recycling – that is, the products are recycled into the same product, instead of transforming them into new products.

Recycling a cartridge saves up to 80% of the energy cost of manufacturing a brand new cartridge, and keeps the material out of our landfills.

Most opponents of remanufactured cartridges aren’t, of course, against better environmental protections. What they oppose are low-grade remanufactured options from no-name sources. These are prone to leakage and always seem to break down just when you need them. You can rest assured that every remanufactured cartridge that comes through OneSOURCE has been fully tested, and meets the same exacting standards of a brand new cartridge.

Whether or not you choose remanufactured cartridges is up to you. What makes sense for your business, and your usage patterns? You need the highest performance and the best value. Choosing a remanufactured cartridge can deliver both. 

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