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Managing your time

Posted Mon, April 20, 2015 by Array

So far, The Efficient Office has taken a look at optimizing the space in your office, and the top productivity apps on the market. Both of those areas of efficiency boil down to one thing, though: managing your time. You optimize the space in your office to reduce the amount of time wasted on getting the tools you need to do your job, eliminating down time and boosting productivity.

The same holds true for the productivity apps we recommended. Each one is designed to help you save time, particularly when you’re on-the-go. No more fumbling for notes or wasting time between tasks.

So, how do you maximize your time management? We’ve compiled these easy tips.

  1. Organize and prioritize

You can’t allocate time to your tasks if you don’t know what they are – and how important they are. If you’re anything like us, you’re juggling several calendars at once: work, home, kid’s activities, and all the rest. 

A clear priority list will keep lesser tasks from competing unfairly for your limited time.

Personal Kanban board can help you eliminate time-wasting activities, and can help you identify where you’re getting stuck – if that task doesn’t move from one column to another, you know this is an area that needs a boost.

  1. Just say no.

It can be difficult to turn down meetings and say no to special projects, especially when you’re being asked by a boss or supervisor. But saying yes often results in poorer performance in your core duties – the time you give to additional activities can suck away time for your job.

Set expectations for your time. Making your priorities clear to others will help them understand the impetus behind your refusals, and you may just find they’ll support your efforts.

  1. Keep a log

Keeping track of your time is an easy way to spot where your time is slipping away. We've developed a simple weekly log for your to record your time. Spend a couple of weeks recording your time, and you'll easily identify what's using up your day. 

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