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Is it time for a new printer?

Posted Sun, August 30, 2015 by Array

Buying a new printer is no joke – depending on the type and functionality, new printing hardware can be a serious investment for your business.  For most office managers, maximizing your printing resources means getting every possible print out of a machine before replacing it.

It can be tricky, then, to know when it’s time to swap out your aging machine for a newer model. In the course of our 30 years helping Oklahoma businesses manage their printers, we’ve found that there are four factors which might prompt you to consider replacement – and some are better reasons than others.

It’s old

We swap out our computers, and phones, and tablets from year to year and in a world where a two-year-old laptop is feeling its age, a printer can start seem ancient quickly. Age alone, though, shouldn’t make you feel like you need to run out for a replacement. If your printer is still performing the way you need it to, it may continue to serve you for a long time to come. Our service staff prides itself on keeping all of our partners’ printers in peak condition, and with proper monitoring and maintenance, your printer is built to last.

Its quality is declining

Even with the best of care, your printer will eventually reach the end of its lifespan. You’ll know when it’s coming to that end when you start seeing changes in the quality of the print. Excess ink or toner, and too little ink or toner are both signs that your printer is aging. Pages will appear streaky or blotted, or you might find the print is too light to read.

Other indicators might be dramatically slowed print speed, frequent jamming, or costly repairs.

It has limited features

Maybe your printer runs perfectly, churning out page after page of beautiful, crisp text and vibrant images. If it can do all of that, but doesn’t have critical features you need, it may be time for an upgrade. Maybe your business has grown to require a more fully-featured all-in-one workhorse, instead of a simple printer. For many businesses, this is the moment they turn to a managed print service provider – they know their business needs a complete lineup of document management services, not just a simple printer.

Its parts are obsolete

Age itself doesn’t necessitate a replacement, but the speed of technological advances makes it likely that sooner or later, you or your service provider will no longer be able to find the parts necessary to make the printer work with your systems. As the standards for ports and cords change, it can be hard to even make a connection to an older printer. If your printer is more than a generation or two old, it may be time to consider upgrading to something more compatible with modern computers.

Outsourcing your printer management means you don’t have to worry about when it’s time to upgrade. Our partners enjoy the newest technology that meets their needs, and we monitor their hardware for efficiency and optimal performance.

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