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The Efficient Office: The Best Calendar Apps to Stay on Track in 2017

Posted Thu, January 26, 2017

Calendar phone apps to keep you organized

A new year usually brings about the need for organization and resolutions. Keeping your office and personal schedules organized is typically something that is always evaluated at the beginning of the year, and there are a lot of calendar apps that can help you achieve your organizational goals. Here are some of our favorites:

Jorte Calendar and Organizer

Jorte isn’t just a calendar app -- it also has the ability to sync with other calendars, notes, and Microsoft Office. From the Jorte app, you can directly access everything you need to stay organized in one place, so you don’t have to hop from app to app to stay on track for your day.

The app also doubles as a diary, in which you can input daily entries with photos and comments, with the option to share with friends.

Devices: iOS and Android

Price: Free (Pro version is $30 per year.)

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a customizable calendar app for iPhone displayed in an agenda view to assist in monthly planning. With a dense list of day-to-day events that can be separated into categories to keep you organized, Fantastical 2 is a helpful calendar app that keeps your tasks in line with a sleek interface.

Devices: iOS

Price: $4.99

Google Calendar

Google Calendar isn’t just for your desktop. This sleek and easy-to-organize app provides a solid calendar option for your phone. It can also auto-fill contacts, locations, dates, and times while you’re typing out your events - easily inputting them into your calendar. While the Google Calendar app is simple, it hits every target of a reliable calendar app -- which is ultimately what you’re searching for.

Devices: iOS and Android

Price: Free


If you’re an avid to-do list user, Cal might be the perfect calendar app to keep you organized in 2017. If you use Any.Do as a to-do list, it can integrate with the Cal app so you don’t have to switch between apps for your tasks to remain organized. Cal can also suggest invites from your contacts list based on your event’s name, you can drag and drop events and integrate photos.

Devices: iOS, Android

Price: Free

There are so many calendars and apps to help you stay productive as you work in 2017. OneSource also offers many workflow solutions to increase your overall office productivity. For more information, contact us today. 

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