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11 Ways to Reduce Printing Costs and Paper Use

Posted Tue, June 5, 2018

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Are your printing and document management expenses getting out of hand? Many businesses are surprised to learn how much they are spending on printing costs annually. Fortunately, there are many solutions to help your company cut back on paper and ink expenses.

1. Print in black and white

Not only are color print cartridges approximately 40 percent more expensive than their black counterparts, but color printing also requires more power and time. For a quick fix, switch to black ink for internal documents, only using color for important documents.

2. Use ink-saving fonts

Did you know that certain fonts use less ink than others? Choosing an ink-saving font can save you up to 31 percent on your ink and toner expenses. Ecofont, Century Gothic, and Times New Roman are great fonts for saving ink. Keep in mind, Arial, one of the most common fonts, uses a large amount of toner.

3. Utilize multi-page printing

You may have done this by accident when printing PowerPoint presentations, but multi-page printing can be done on a variety of platforms. It makes sense that printing two or more pages onto one side of a page can save money. Just think of all the paper you could save!

4. Print on both sides of the page

This may seem like a no-brainer, but how often do you forget to change your printer settings to allow for double-sided printing? Printing on both sides of the page can cut back on paper usage by up to 30 percent. 

5. Only print what you need

While this trick can take a few extra minutes of your time, it is worthwhile in the long run. When printing online documents, copy and paste the text into a Word document, eliminating any photos and adjusting margins and fonts to fit the text into a minimal number of pages.

6. Reduce your margins

Before printing, change your page margins to 0.75 inches. This will allow more text to fit on the page, reducing the number of pages necessary per document.

7. Use Print Preview and Draft Mode

Don’t blindly print your document before proofreading and checking for formatting issues. Utilize the Print Preview setting to make sure all formatting is correct prior to printing. Play with how the document fits on the page to optimize space. For example, some charts fit better when printed in landscape orientation or when the document is shrunk down to 80 percent or set to fit-to-page. Additionally, printing in draft or fast-draft mode allows the printer to disregard quality and print with lighter colors to save ink and toner. This setting can cut costs when used on internal documents.

8. Let your printer sleep

Don’t turn your printer off when it’s not in use. Instead, set it to sleep or standby mode until its next use. When printers have been turned off for long periods of time, they can use more ink during the rebooting process. This trick also saves energy as printers use power when they are awake, but not printing. Telling the device to sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity can cut back on electrical costs.

9. Create printer permissions and rules

If your employees have been printing too many unnecessary documents, it is advisable to set up permissions and rules for your devices. This can help determine who is doing the most printing while setting limits on use. Options include requiring employees to enter a passcode prior to printing and using software like Xerox’s ConnectKey technology to set limits for each employee, department, or timeframe.

10. Go digital with PDFs, scanned documents, and the cloud

If you don’t need a physical copy of a document, keep it in the digital realm. Instead of printing a document and leaving it on a coworker’s desk, scan the file and email it. The same goes for saving a document as a PDF to email or putting it in the cloud. There are many benefits of keeping documents in the cloud beyond cutting printing costs.

11. Use Managed Print Services

If managing the previous steps sounds like a hassle, outsourcing to a Managed Print Services provider, like OneSOURCE, can be your best solution. A full-service print management system, such as os360, can save you up to 35 percent on printing costs, not to mention the amount of time it saves your team.

At OneSOURCE, we offer a variety of services, including managed print services, workflow solutions, and variety of printing and copying devices to reduce your printing expenses while increasing workflow efficiency. Contact us today to see how OneSOURCE can provide a tailored solution to optimize your office workflow.

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